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Hotmail Inbox Procedure To Access

In Hotmail you have many mail management options that can simplify your email processing with much ease. If you are a new user, you would definitely find this guide to be very useful and if you are an old user, you would still be learning about a unique and highly beneficial feature that can help you in connecting with your friends and family.

Steps to add contacts from other services


Follow the steps below to import email addresses and contacts from another account. Read More…

Hotmail Activate 2-Steps Easy

Today, most email accounts offer the two step verification process as a way of making one’s account secure. For those who are getting introduced to Hotmail or Outlook email services offered by Microsoft, they will realize that there are several changes that have been added to this new integrated platform.

One of the changes that have been introduced is the two step verification process. As security of email accounts of customers gives much importance these days, all premier email services offer the customers a chance of beefing up the security for their accounts. That includes not only having a strong password for one’s account, but also activating the two step verification process for one’s account. There are several steps that can be followed to activate these measures. The features of this process are mentioned below:


  • This process is not new and was available for customers to include in their sign in process from 2013. It is also called the two factor authentication process or the two step authentication.
  • This process helps to strengthen the security of one’s account as it requires a code input addition to the password entry. This is a code that is sent as a text to one’s phone number that is registered with one’s account.
  • The security code that is part of the two step verification process is sent as a phone call or a text message to the phone number that is registered with one’s account.

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