Benefits When Register In Hotmail Account


How to sign up for a Hotmail account? The process is an easy one. There are several added advantages as well for Hotmail account users on the new integrated domain. For that reason, if you wish to sign up for a new Hotmail account, the process to follow is listed below:

  • Visit the Outlook or Live domain page of Microsoft.
  • Here you will find the sign-in panel for all existing users of Microsoft services.


  • If you wish to create a new account, you will find the link to do the same below the login panel.
  • Visit the link provided which leads to a new account creation page.
  • Here you will find the first and last name fields to be entered.
  • The next fields pertain to username choice. You can also choose the domain of Hotmail to be part of your email address in this field.
  • Once your username is authenticated, you can then proceed to generate a password for your account. This needs to be of eight characters at least with alphanumeric combination.
  • When the password you choose is validated, you can then proceed to fill in the remaining fields. These pertain to birthday and gender details. The next fields will require you to enter an alternate email address as well as a valid phone number. These details pertain to the security of your account.

Once the above steps are concluded you will be able to access your brand new Hotmail inbox. There are several benefits that come with the new inbox on the integrated Outlook domain of Microsoft:

  • The inbox comes with convenient folder organization features. You can stash away unnecessary emails in a secondary inbox as well, which is a novel feature in this email interface.
  • Social media integration is another highlight of this new layout. With accounts like Facebook integrated with your email account, you can catch up on new posts and updates as well as continue message conversations through your inbox page.
  • All associated services of Microsoft remain aligned with your inbox. Hence, with your new Hotmail account, you will be able to access Skype, One Drive, Xbox account and other services that Microsoft offers. All these services will offer you a personalized page as you already have an account with Microsoft.6

The above features are some of the several benefits of owning Hotmail account today. In bygone days those who were users of Hotmail were able to access only a single account for email communication purposes. Today, with the Hotmail account being part of an integrated platform, all services have become available with the single user ID that you generate. Hence, the same user ID for your Hotmail account becomes the gateway for you to use One Drive as a cloud service or Skype with your friends or contacts that are on your Hotmail address list. These are several added benefits of the new platform.

For those who are looking to add Hotmail as an esteemed email address to their list of email addresses, they have several reasons for wanting this. Hotmail stands for a bygone era when email was a novelty. Indeed, it is the foremost email service that was launched at a time when there were no free web based email services. At such a time, Hotmail offered people a unique concept of being able to email to anyone across the world through an account that they could sign up for free. At the same time, all one needed was to open up a free account at Hotmail by entering basic personal details. Once this was done, Hotmail allowed one to access their account from anywhere in the world. All one needed was a computer with a working internet connection.


Much has changed since then. Hotmail was bought off by Microsoft and it became part of the portfolio of offerings of Microsoft. It was integrated as part of MSN service. Soon Microsoft decided to introduce the Live domain under which Hotmail was integrated. Today Outlook has become the new web based email service that is all comprehensive for Microsoft’s email customers. Even for those who own Hotmail accounts or wish to own one will be able to register for an account through this domain only.

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