Create A Hotmail Account

Today, if you wish to sign up for a new Hotmail account, you might wonder how to go about the same. The process of creating Hotmail account all new is enumerated below:

  • Visit the Live domain of Microsoft or Outlook domain.
  • Here you will find a common login panel for any Microsoft service. It is a common login gateway for Xbox, Skype, OneDrive and other Microsoft services.


  • The first field refers to username or email address in full. When you have entered this detail you can then fill in the password in the second field. If you wish to create a new account, you will find the link below this panel to create a new account.
  • The account creation page is a single page that needs to be filled in with simple details.
  • The first fields refer to first and last name of the account user. The name, details you fill in will reflect in your email account and related communications.

  • The next fields you enter are related to the choice of a username. You will find different options that would be helpful in finding a username that is unique and would be easy to remember.
  • Here you can choose the domain for your email address. If you wish to create a Hotmail account, you can choose the username to be part of the Hotmail domain.
  • The next field to enter would be the password field. Here you need to enter a password of alphanumeric characters.  It should be of at least eight characters.
  • Once the password checker tool checks and validates the password you write, you can then move to the next fields. These pertain to your birthday details and choice of gender.
  • The next fields are related to security of your account. Besides the password you need to enter details like an alternate email address. The last field requires you to enter a valid phone number.
  • When the above fields are completed, your account creation process is done.

The above steps will ensure that your Hotmail account creation process is completed. Now you will be redirected to your Hotmail inbox. This has undergone several changes and offers an integrated platform with Outlook. As a result, you will get to experience all features and functions that are found in the new Outlook email service.


Hotmail account users will be able to use their Hotmail account address in all their communications. For those who already have existing Hotmail accounts will find the brand new web mail inbox with new features to use and organize their new and old communications. With such functions and features you will be able to get more out of your Hotmail inbox. Hotmail having been the numero UNO email service, it is an email address that many people vie for. Even though it has undergone several changes over the years, it still remains a domain address that many are proud to own.

Hotmail is a long standing email service that was launched at a time when web based email service had not been introduced. People had simply started to use email through their internet subscription services. This came with a subscription fee. For that reason Hotmail helped free people from the shackles of having limited access to email service. It was launched as a free service by the end of the nineties. People were encouraged to sign up for an account by simply providing basic personal information. They could then send across emails to other people who had Hotmail or other email addresses.


Hotmail as a service was then bought off by Microsoft. The domain of Hotmail maintained its separate identity though. Hotmail becomes part of the portfolio of offerings of Microsoft. It could be accessed also through MSN. This became a lucrative offer to many who used MSN services. Hotmail remained many people’s email accounts at a time when other email services were few and were just beginning to be launched. In the new millennium Microsoft started the new integration process. On this drive it started to integrate its different services such as Xbox, Skype and other services. It also launched Outlook as a new web based email service. Hotmail was merged as part of the Outlook domain as a result of the integration efforts.

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