Creating Hotmail Account

Impress with new Hotmail features and want to get an account on the platform. Here is the step by step guide following which account can be created.

Guideline to create an account on Hotmail

  • Step one

Supportive thing that users should possess to create an account on the platform is an internet service on the device. So, now when you have internet service and a device, then it’s time to start the account creation process.


Open URL in web page. The URL will open the homepage of Hotmail (Do not get confused with and Hotmail, Microsoft has changed the name of Hotmail to It is the web email service of Microsoft).

  • Step two

Step two is a form filling process, once the home page of Hotmail get open, click on option “create one” (The sign-up page is for Microsoft account and thus you can login to account with even a non-Outlook or non-Hotmail account. But, here we are talking about getting a fresh account of Hotmail. Thus click on the option ‘Create one”).

The link will take you to the new page; here a form will get open asking for information to be filled in. You have to fill personal and account related information here.

  • Step three

In the first column, enter your name, followed by last name. The second column is for username. This is the column that will create email ID. Below the column you can look for option “get new email account”. Click on the link, the username column will get change with drop downs i.e. ‘’ and’.  Because, you want to have email account with domain “” thus chose the domain.

User name is the email ID, thus you have to be very careful in picking it up (Often email IDs are shared for professional and personal both the reason. Thus, it has to be created in a way that it solves its purpose). After creating user name, you can check its availability at the bottom of the blank. It will appear in red color.

If Microsoft gives ‘Ok’ to your username, then move to the next step and do not forget to pen down the user name at some secret place.

  • Step four

Username is created; meaning three fourth of your work is done. The next step is creating strong but easy to remember password. It is a case sensitive in form. Password is part of email account that provides protection to account for various types of threat. Therefore, be careful while creating a password. It should neither be too strong that it becomes difficult to get recalled and also it should not be so easy that it can be easily hacked.

There are certain points that have to be kept in mind before creating a password

  • It should be eight letters, including letters, numbers and characters.
  • The password should not be kept with D days like birthday, anniversary or a partner’s birthday etc. It should not be the name of any person you like or name of your pet etc.
  • Never share your account password with anyone else.
  • You are asked to enter password two times, this is to help in remembering the password for a long time.

So, these are the guidelines for creating a good password. However, Microsoft too will not approve your chosen password unless it passes its security parameter.

  • Step five

After successfully creating a username and password; now it is the time to fill additional details. Other details in a form like date of birth, country and gender are also important to be filled correctly. This is because, Microsoft uses other details filled in its database. It proofs helpful when a user’s account gets hacked or any identifiable issue comes into account. With these details, Microsoft gets in touch with account holders and provides them required assistance.

Thus, no details should be filled in a hurry and also it should be genuine and authentic.

At the end of form, there is blank present that ask for alternate email ID and phone number. If an account on Hotmail is your first account, then you can keep the blank alternate email unfilled. But, in this situation do not forget to fill contact number. In absence of email ID; Microsoft will get in touch with via SMS or call.

  • Step six

At the end of the form you will get an option to enter character reflected in the form. It is important to correctly enter that code to get the newly created account active. The verification code is for Microsoft as it want to ensure only individual is trying to open accounts and not the computer or robot. There is an option for “Audio” too is present. If you are unable to understand the character reflecting there, then you can use audio to listen to the characters and enter it.

  • Step seven

Now at the end of the form you can put tick on checkbox according to your preference. And then click on option “create account”. But, it is not the end process of getting an active account. There is one more step involved after this.

Now, again open the URL, this time enter your new Hotmail account details in blank and click on the option “next”. Now, enter the password of the account, Hotmail would have sent you a confirmation email for activation of the account. Click on link present in email to activate account. With this step, the process of creating Hotmail account is done.  


Hotmail is the web email of Microsoft and it was used as Widow Live Mail earlier. But, now Hotmail has been taken over by Any users who use the account with Hotmail domain are getting services of

Microsoft has introduced some new features in to make it more competitive. Old Hotmail account holders too can use this feature by choosing option new version present within the account. With the old version option user will get Hotmail of old version with limited features.

The new features that have been introduced in Hotmail are:

  • The user interface is interactive and users friendly.
  • It is integrated with Microsoft Office suite with the help of Office 365.
  • There is more space for inbox and larger attachments can be sent.

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