Guideline To Sign Up Hotmail

Hotmail sign up has changed as the domain does not have a separate existence anymore. For those who are looking to sign up with the Hotmail domain address can follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Visit Live domain on your web browser.
  • Here you will find a common login panel for all membership services pertaining to Microsoft.

Hotmail Sign UP

  • In case you wish to sign up for a new account, the link for the same is given below the login panel.
  • Here you can follow the link and find the page for creating a new account.
  • All you need to do is start filling in the basic account creation form on this page.

  • The first fields pertain to first and last name details.
  • Once these details are filled you can proceed to choose a username for your email-ID.
  • Once the right username is chosen with the checker tool, you will need to choose a password in the next field. This needs to be at least eight alphanumeric characters with case differences and special characters.
  • Once this is done, you will need to fill in some more personal details. There is a field that pertains to birthday details, and then you need to fill in your gender details. Once these details are entered, you will need to fill in an alternate email address.
  • This completes the simple account creation process. You need to agree to the terms and conditions in order to click on the link to sign-up and complete the process.

In the field by choosing a username, you will find the alternatives provided by choosing domain address of your choice. If you wish to create a Hotmail ID, you will find this option present in the username.

Once a Hotmail ID is created successfully, you will be redirected to your Hotmail account inbox. This inbox layout is modern and intuitive with several new features on offer which are common to Outlook as well as Hotmail users. For instance, all users of Hotmail and Outlook will have access to all kinds of Microsoft services such as OneDrive, Xbox subscription membership, Skype and so forth. With these privileges the new Hotmail ID will provide one greater benefits than before.


For those who wish to access their new Hotmail inbox on the go, they can do so through Live or Outlook app for mobile devices. These apps offer you to setup your Hotmail account and get it synchronized. You will be able to check and revert on emails on the go. This in turn will help you get greater benefits and stay connected with your contacts anywhere. Hotmail inbox has several new features to offer to users as well with enhanced security features.

Hotmail is an email service that was launched at a time when email service online was a novelty. The internet service providers had recently started off their desktop based mail services. This could be accessed with a subscription fee. There was no concept of finding a free email service online or on the World Wide Web. For that reason, when Hotmail was introduced as a free web based email service, it was a new concept altogether. It allowed people to sign up for a new account for free and even create multiple accounts with different IDs. They could email to people of other email addresses across the world and find responses waiting in their inboxes.
After Hotmail was launched at the end of the nineties, Microsoft then bought over the service. It was then made part of Microsoft’s services. One could access Hotmail through the MSN platform as well. For that reason Hotmail domain could be accessed in different ways, including use of In the new millennium Microsoft started the Live domain. Most Microsoft services were integrated into this domain. Soon Hotmail was made part of this domain. The last step taken by Microsoft was to take the desktop based version of email service, Outlook and put it on the web. This made Outlook the modern web based email service of Microsoft. What also happened was that Hotmail was integrated and made a part of Outlook. Hence, Outlook and Hotmail now share the same web mail interface.

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