Hotmail Activate 2-Steps Easy

Today, most email accounts offer the two step verification process as a way of making one’s account secure. For those who are getting introduced to Hotmail or Outlook email services offered by Microsoft, they will realize that there are several changes that have been added to this new integrated platform.

One of the changes that have been introduced is the two step verification process. As security of email accounts of customers gives much importance these days, all premier email services offer the customers a chance of beefing up the security for their accounts. That includes not only having a strong password for one’s account, but also activating the two step verification process for one’s account. There are several steps that can be followed to activate these measures. The features of this process are mentioned below:


  • This process is not new and was available for customers to include in their sign in process from 2013. It is also called the two factor authentication process or the two step authentication.
  • This process helps to strengthen the security of one’s account as it requires a code input addition to the password entry. This is a code that is sent as a text to one’s phone number that is registered with one’s account.
  • The security code that is part of the two step verification process is sent as a phone call or a text message to the phone number that is registered with one’s account.

Today all Microsoft account services are linked to a certain unique ID. Hence, if you have a Hotmail or an Outlook ID, it is the same ID that you will use for all kinds of services such as SkyDrive, Office or Outlook as well as Windows. Nowadays Windows usage on any laptop or mobile device requires one to sign in with an ID. This can be a single and comprehensive Microsoft ID for a single individual.


With the power that your Microsoft ID provides, it is imperative that you activate the two step verification process in your account. The steps to activate the same for your account are described below:

  • Once your Hotmail or Outlook account is active, you can visit the account settings link that will be found in our personalized home page or inbox page.
  • Alternately, if you are accessing any other service of Microsoft, you will find the same settings link in your account page.
  • Once the settings page is opened, here you will find a security settings tab.
  • Click on the same to find the option to activate the two step verification process.
  • This will include verifying your alternate email address as well as your phone number or a mobile device.
  • You might be required to verify the phone number you enter. This will consist of keying in the code that is sent as a text to your phone. It could also be sent as a phone call.
  • Once the process is activated, you will be required to enter the number that is sent as a text every time you log into your account. This is in addition to the password for your account.

With the two step verification process activated, it becomes easy for one to make their account more secure. There is also a way of getting the code without having to connect your mobile device to the internet all the time. For instance, you can add on a mobile authenticator app to your account. The steps to do so are as follows:

  • You need to visit the security settings in your account.
  • Here you will find an option of adding a mobile authenticator app.
  • When you click on the same, you would be required to scan a barcode that is provided.
  • This will then add your mobile device and you will get the code sent through the mobile network without having to connect to data connection all the time.

9With the above steps and provisions, it is possible to make your Hotmail account more secure. Indeed, those who have had their Hotmail account for decades will be able to benefit from this process of enhancing the security measures of their account. It offers them several options as well with the enhanced inbox features of the modern web mail layout.

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