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The basic sign-up process of Hotmail in the olden times consisted of the following steps:

  • One had to enter their first and last name and choose a username for their account.
  • The password creation field did not have many restrictions apart from certain guidelines provided.
  • One could choose to enter other fields where the information input was optional.


The account creation process in the earlier times was simpler and left several gaps in the security measures. For that reason the new Hotmail account creation process is a more restricted and monitored process. Hotmail domain underwent several changes from the time it was introduced initially. It is now part of Microsoft. Initial days of acquisition saw Hotmail being accessed through MSN domain as well. The live domain that was introduced a few years back saw Hotmail being made a part of this domain. Recently Microsoft introduced the Outlook web based email service. Outlook has been a desktop based email platform that has been part of Windows from early times. A recent change made by Microsoft has seen Outlook being brought out in the open and made an open web based email platform.

Hotmail domain has undergone several changes as a result. If you type in Hotmail in your web browser, you will be redirected to the live domain. You will also be able to enter your Hotmail account through Outlook platform. If you wish to sign up for a new Hotmail account there are some points to note:

  • Hotmail domain has been merged with Live or Outlook domain of Microsoft. As a result, you can access any of these domains or type in in your web browser. This will redirect you to the right domain.
  • Hotmail account creation process is the same as an Outlook account creation process. For that reason, you need to find the sign-up link on the main page for account sign in.
  • Microsoft has a unified account creation page for Outlook as well as Hotmail.
  • The account creation process is a simple one, which leads to on getting unified access to different services of Microsoft. Hotmail is one of the domains that one can sign up for though the independent existence of Hotmail is not present any more.

After you have noted the above points you need to move to the sign up option to be found on the Live domain of Microsoft. The steps to follow are given below:

  • The account creation process is a simple one. It is a one page account creation process.
  • The first fields pertain to first and last name details. You need to fill these in accurately as your email ID will contain your name in all correspondence.
  • The latter fields are about creating a username for your account. Here you will find that the choice of domains exists. You can choose to have a Hotmail domain account here. The username needs to be validated as per the existing usernames that already exist. Once you have been able to choose a unique username, you can proceed to the later fields.
  • The password field needs you to enter a password of alphanumeric characters. These can be at least eight characters long and should comprise of case differences and special characters as well.
  • The next fields require you to enter your birthday details as well as gender details. Once these details are entered you can proceed to fill in the security related information for your account.
  • These are fields that need you to enter an alternate email address. This is required for all kinds of correspondence, especially if you have forgotten your password and wish to recover the same.
  • The next field requires you to enter a valid phone number. A text is sent as a code to this number. It is used in the two step verification process that you can activate to secure your account.
  • These fields will complete the account creation process. You can then enter the captcha field details as seen in order to verify that you are a human creating the account. You will also have to agree to the terms and conditions before you can complete the account creation process.

The above steps complete your sign up process for Hotmail. The process remains the same for Outlook as well. Those who have an existing account from Hotmail can use the same ID to sign into their account.

Once the account is successfully created, there are several benefits to reap from the new inbox layout and mail features that are offered:

  • The new inbox has an intuitive interface that allows you to figure out the different features easily.
  • You will find all folders on the left hand side panel of the inbox page.
  • There are tabs whereby you can access different segments of your inbox.
  • The clutter inbox is a useful feature that allows one to sweep in all unimportant emails into this segment.
  • One can integrate their social media accounts easily with the inbox. As a result, you can continue conversations on Facebook and other accounts easily with your email inbox.
  • There are attractive color tagging and other ways to segregate different emails as per their importance or category.
  • One can use Office integrated with their account. This makes it easy to add on Office documents, add spreadsheets, edit the same and send them across as attachments through one’s inbox.

The above features are some of the many new aspects that have been added to the Hotmail inbox.

When you sign in to your Hotmail account the access details can be verified in the following way:

  • You can enter your Hotmail address in full in the login panel along with the password in the subsequent field.
  • You could save your login details by choosing the option provided, especially if you are logging in through your personal computer.

With the above steps you can log into your Hotmail account the usual way. If you choose to activate the two step verification process, you will be asked to key in a security code that is sent as a text message or phone call to your registered phone number. This will help ensure that your account is not easily hacked into.

With the above steps it is easy to ensure that your account remains secure during logging in through any system or web browser. If you wish to access the Hotmail account on your mobile device that too can be easily done. The Outlook or Live app of Microsoft makes it possible for one to sign into their existing account at a go. What’s more, you could also sign up for a new Hotmail account through the app itself.

11For those who have other email accounts on domains like Yahoo or Gmail, you will find that it is possible to migrate these accounts to your Hotmail domain. Microsoft provides you the provision to migrate the accounts to the new integrated domain that it offers. What’s more, if you have signed up for a new Hotmail account, it becomes your single ID for accessing other Microsoft services. When you sign into your Hotmail account, you will find that services like Skype, Office, OneDrive and others are easily accessed through your inbox. The same ID will work for these services.

Today, Hotmail account sign-up has become an easy and convenient process as it is part of an integrated platform of Microsoft services. The ID that you create will work for Windows and other services for Microsoft. It becomes a larger ID than simply an access to an existing account. For the above reasons you will want to sign up for a Hotmail account. Also, it is a heritage email address; it offers a long time association with an email service that started it all. With all improvements in place such as enhanced security measures and other aspects, Hotmail is a new and improved web mail service to avail of. If you wish to activate your old Hotmail account, that might also be possible by approaching the Help section of Microsoft. The unified login panel allows you convenient access to your inbox. What’s more, you can use the same mail access to chat with friends on social media, use Skype for communication as well as share files or folders through OneDrive. These and other features make Hotmail an attractive option these days.

Hotmail is an email service that was launched at a time when web based email service was a novelty. This was in the late nineties, at a time when one could only access email through their internet subscriber service. For instance, one could pay a subscription fee and pay for their email service through the internet subscriber service. However, all such shackles were removed by Hotmail introduction. It was the first of its kind, a web based email service that could be accessed simply by typing in the domain name in the web browser. Hotmail made it possible for people to access their account simply by opening up an account on the web domain.

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