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If you wish to access Hotmail account the way to do so is mentioned here:

  • Visit Outlook domain or Live domain on your web browser.
  • Here you will find a common login panel for all Microsoft services.


  • If you wish to access your Hotmail account, you need to use this login panel.
  • The first field refers to username or email address in full. This is different from the usual Hotmail login feature where one simply had to enter the username.
  • Once the full email address is entered in the username field, you need to move to the password field.
  • Here you need to enter the password as you had created for your Hotmail account. Ensure that the password is entered in the right case sensitive form.

If you enter the login details correctly, you will be able to move onto the email inbox page. In case you are accessing your Hotmail account after a long time, there could be certain problems that you face such as:

  • You are unable to remember the username or password.
  • Your account has been blocked due to long periods of unused.

If you are unable to access your account as you do not remember the login details there are ways of recovering the information. You can click on the link given below the login panel, which will help you recover the password. If you remember the alternate email address you had provided, you need to enter this detail. A link will be mailed to your alternate email address which you could click in order to reset your password.

In case you are unable to remember your Hotmail account username you need to answer the security questions that you answered at the time of creating the account. This will help Microsoft to verify your authenticity and provide you a chance to retrieve your account. The same process is followed for blocking accounts as well.


Hotmail accounts have advanced security options as well for logging in. The two step verification process that Hotmail this can help you ensure that your account cannot be hacked into easily. This feature can be activated by visiting the Settings tab on the email account. Here you can activate the two step verification process. You would need to validate your phone number at the time activating this process. Once this process is activated, you would be asked to enter the security code that is sent as a text message to your phone every time you wish to log into your account. You could bypass the password by choosing to enter a unique code every time you wish to log into your account. It is also possible to save time by remaining logged into your Hotmail account.

One of the pioneers in web based email client service has been the founders of Hotmail. This service was launched at a time when web based email was yet to be introduced as a service, free at that. At such a time the internet service providers were the only platforms for people to access an email inbox and that too they had to pay a subscription fee for the same. Soon Hotmail was introduced and it revolutionized the way people regarded email communication. Hotmail was the pioneering service which introduced the concept of free web based email service to the world. People discovered the simple delight of emailing to others across the world through their web based email inbox. All they needed was access to the internet and a computer with a web browsing platform.


Hotmail as a domain had an independent existence for a short period of time. It was soon taken over by Microsoft. Here it soon became part of the MSN platform. One could access Hotmail by typing in in their web browser as well as log in through the login panel that was found on the MSN front page. In the new millennium Microsoft brought Hotmail domain under the live domain along with MSN and others. Hence at such a time, when you typed in on your web browser you would get redirected to Live domain. Today, Hotmail has been further integrated with Outlook, the new web based email service of Microsoft.

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