Hotmail Inbox Procedure To Access

In Hotmail you have many mail management options that can simplify your email processing with much ease. If you are a new user, you would definitely find this guide to be very useful and if you are an old user, you would still be learning about a unique and highly beneficial feature that can help you in connecting with your friends and family.

Steps to add contacts from other services


Follow the steps below to import email addresses and contacts from another account.

  • Log into your Hotmail account from
  • Once you log in successfully you will be able to see your inbox menu bar, folders and mail categories. On the top menu bar where you have the option ‘Outlook’ you would be able to see a small drop down arrow. Click on the arrow to proceed. You will get a new window that shows various services like calendar SkyDrive, Mail etc.
  • From these options you have to choose the option “People” to proceed. This option allows you to manage all your contacts.
  • A new page would open up that shows all the contacts available in your account. If you are a new user it would show no contacts.
  • On the left side of your interface, you get an option to add people to your contact list from various social networking sites like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. These options are displayed along with their logos.
  • Next, you have to choose the name of the site from which you wish to import your contacts. For instance, you can select the option LinkedIn if you want to add the email addresses of your friends and contacts in LinkedIn.
  • For now, we will go with the option of accessing the contacts of your Facebook account. For getting this done, you have to click on the option Facebook given to the left side of the page.2
  • A small window would pop up that says; by connecting your account to Facebook you can see your Facebook friends and their updates in Windows Live. This also includes other windows services that you login using your Hotmail ID. It would also indicate that once you select the option to ‘connect’ you would have to first login to Facebook. Select the option ‘Connect’ to proceed.
  • A new page would appear on your current window that says that you are now connected to Facebook from your Hotmail ID and it might take a few minutes until you see the changes, You have optional link that allows you to make changes to your connection settings. If you want to continue with default settings, select ‘Done’ to proceed.
  • Now you would return back to your Hotmail ‘People’ page and under ‘all contacts’ you would be able to see the list of all your Facebook contacts along with their profile pictures and names.
  • Next, to the left side you will be having an option ‘Facebook email addresses’ Click on this option and you will get a message that says ‘to import Email addresses, click on the Facebook logo’ Click on the logo that appears below and it would ask you whether you want to share your contacts with Windows Live. This permission is asked of you as a Facebook user. Select ‘Okay’ and you will have all the email addresses added to your account.
  • So now if you try composing a mail and if you type the name of any of the contacts that you have just added, then Hotmail would list their mail IDs and you have to simply choose the right one.3
  • If you want to filter the contacts that you are importing you have the option of changing the connection settings which was mentioned above.
  • After importing contacts if you do not wish to add everyone’s mail IDs you also have the option to choose from the ones required from the contact list given under ‘All Contacts’ in the ‘People’ page. There are checkboxes given against each contact and you have to check on the ones that you want to add to your mailing list.

This Hotmail provides you with innumerable options to connect to your other accounts and add new contacts to your new email service.

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