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Are you a loyal Hotmail user and want to have fresh accounts on the platform so that, you can use all latest features? Not to worry, though Hotmail has now been taken over by Outlook, yet, there is option present for users to create accounts with Hotmail domain and use it.

Here are the steps that will guide you to create a new account on Hotmail and how to use it.

  • Open the Hotmail front page with the URL The link will direct you to the Microsoft login page. With single login you would be allowed to use all services of Microsoft including its web email service that is Hotmail alias
  • Now, there is an option present on the login page “Create One”. This option will help you to create accounts on the platform. Click on option “Create one” and the link will direct you to another page.
  • Here you will get a form to fill up. Register every detail in form accurately.13
  • First blank is for name. Fill first name and second name correctly. The second option is user name; this will be your email ID. Though, Microsoft is now promoting instead of; still, as if now, it is giving you two options in domain to create an account. If you will chose as domain, then your email ID will go like this and if you will choose Hotmail domain then ID will be
  • The next option is password. The password is the key of any account. Therefore, extra care should be taken while creating a password. In most of form that is filled to create any type of account, password remains case sensitive. At Microsoft too, it is case sensitive. Thus, while following the process of creating strong passwords do not end up having a password that remains too tough to be recalled.

The Microsoft criterion for strong password is it should be of eight characters, one uppercase, one lowercase, number or a symbol. The password should comply two of the four conditions.

  • The account form asks you to fill password for two times and Microsoft has good reason for same. Entering password twice will help you to remember it.
  • In the next step, form will ask you to enter your personal details like your date of birth, country you are living in etc. It is not at all difficult to enter those details.
  • Coming to the next blank, form has the option to enter the phone number and alternate email ID. It is good that you fill both blanks with accurate details. It is for your good only. Microsoft sends you verification code or account recovery related information if incase you lose your account access because of forgot password or account hacking.
  • Enter the verification code shared on form to prove that you are a person and not a robot. You can use audio version of code if you are uncomfortable in reading it. After entering the code, click on option “create account”.
  • Congratulations, your account is now ready to use.

Now when the account is ready to use, it is important to know what you will find in the new Hotmail account that will catch your interest.

What is inside new Hotmail?

Microsoft has done the revamp of Hotmail account and now it is not like obsolete. It is equipped with all latest arsenals to give tough fight to their entrants. Some of the latest features that you will find in the new Hotmail inbox are here.

Secure navigation

No more threat of account detail hacking is there with Hotmail. It has become way more secure with the intrusion of HTTP. Now, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol has been inculcated in Hotmail throughout the navigation process. Earlier the protocol was present only at sign-in page.

Cloud integration

Now, SkyDrive integrates with Hotmail, introduction of cloud has added much functionality in application. Some of them are:

  • Users can now send large attachment using the cloud service.
  • Real time editing and working on a document is possible with 365 Office suites.
  • Work on attached document can be done without downloading and saving it locally.
  • More than one person can work on file and share details with the help of SkyDrive.

Email filter

Filtering of important emails have become easier on new Hotmail. The emails now can be checked based on category.


Search by email has also become easier in Hotmail. With the help of various shortcuts present in inbox emails can be searched with option like email having attachment, images etc.

Online chat

For those you love doing online chat, Hotmail has added another interesting feature for them. With the help of this new built-in app, users will be allowed to do online chat with their contacts.

Spam filter

Now, Hotmail work on spam emails using IP address and users’ tendency towards particular email and type of emails. It auto restrict such email to land in user’s account. New Hotmail has two categories for such emails ‘Spam mails’ and ‘Grey mails’

IMAP functionality

If you want to use Hotmail with any other email application, then now it’s easier to do so. New Hotmail has been introduced with IMAP. Earlier the option was there with lower functionality and people often raised complaint for that. Now, it has been upgraded and it’s better to work with.

View template

There are different templates present for viewing email within the inbox. These templates can be picked easily and activated without going inside the setting page.


There is more storage space in Hotmail of present time in comparison to old version. This is because of the integration of account with SkyDrive.

In addition to these stunning features Hotmail has many new things that can keep users interact with it. These are not features of the inbox, but of Hotmail largely.

Theme change

If you like the features of Gmail that allow you to change background image, then Hotmail offer you the same. In new Hotmail account, you can easily change the background and give it an interesting and personal touch.

5Profile picture

Now Hotmail offers you a way to give personal touch to account. There is option present in Hotmail “add a profile picture”. The option can be used to upload pictures in Hotmail account and also to change it when in need.

Mobile app

New Hotmail app for android phone has been launched by Microsoft that give accessibility of Hotmail on phone in an easy and simple way. Mobile app has an easy sync feature too to let users to sync data of phone with an email account. Meaning contact by mobile phone will be auto updated to contact book of Hotmail.

So, the new Hotmail is really hot and gives all leverage to users to customize the app as they want. However, it is not like everybody likes this new look of Hotmail. Some hardcore Hotmail users are happy with old version of email having limited features. If you are one; do not lose hope. Hotmail has protected your rights too. There is option present in the Hotmail inbox setting page “Cog”. By clicking on icon user will be allowed to move to the traditional layout of Hotmail with limited features. By navigating from one version to another; no change in data will happen within the account.

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