Hotmail Vs Outlook Email 2017

By the time Hotmail became popular, it was taken over by Microsoft. By the new millennium, it was part of MSN; Hotmail is accessible through MSN as well as through Hotmail domain separately. Microsoft then started an integrated campaign from the start of the new millennium. It introduced all its services under the Live domain. This domain is still available under which all kinds of Microsoft services including Hotmail, Outlook, Skype, One Drive and others are available. If you wish to access your Hotmail account, you can do so under this domain in the following way:


  • Log on to Outlook or Live domain on your web browser.
  • Here you will find a common sign in panel for all kinds of Microsoft services.
  • You can type in the username and password in the two fields given.

  • The username needs to be your full Hotmail email address and not simply the username as you would key in on the previous Hotmail login page.
  • The password field should have the characters entered correctly.
  • Once the above details are entered correctly, you can then sign in to access your Hotmail inbox.

If you are trying to access your Hotmail account after a long time, you will find a new web mail interface that is offered as part of the integrated Outlook inbox. The features and functionalities are new that include organizations of the mails in different folders, allowing you to tag as well as edit your emails in an all new way. The new inbox also allows users to integrate their existing social media accounts with their inbox directly. Hence, chat conversations and posts of your social media accounts will show up on your inbox, allowing you to continue such activities or conversations with ease.

8For those who are looking to sign up for a new Hotmail account, they will find the sign up panel to be the same for all Microsoft services. One can choose to sign up for a Hotmail or an Outlook account on the same account creation page. Many people are new to the concept of Outlook that has been newly introduced by Microsoft as a web based email service. Here are some key features of Outlook that you should know about:

  • Outlook was the desktop email client software that came along with Windows. Microsoft then discontinued with the desktop version and brought it out in the open as a web based service.
  • Outlook comes with a brand new web based email avatar. As a result, you will surely find new features and innovations to try and make use of this web based email service.

Those who are new to Outlook or Hotmail on the new Live domain of Microsoft will find several features to use. Here are some key highlights that one can check out:

  • Email organization takes on a whole new meaning in both Hotmail and Outlook inboxes as they share similar features.
  • Social media integration is another great feature of the new inbox in both domains. People can integrate their existing social media accounts here with ease and check messages and posts as they come by.
  • Office integration is another useful feature of this inbox. You will be able to edit, view as well as create and share documents, spreadsheets and excel files through your inbox.9
  • Spam ware is taken care of to a large extent with advanced mail filtration features.
  • “Two step verification” is another advantage of the new Live domain of Microsoft.

The above features are some of the several innovations to look forward to in the new integrated domain of Hotmail and Outlook.

If you are wondering what all the fuss about Hotmail and Outlook is, you have probably not kept track of the several changes that Microsoft has introduced since the time it took over Hotmail. It was introduced as a free email service at a time when web based email client services was a novelty. Hotmail was introduced by the late nineties as a web mail that freed people from the shackles of having to pay for such a service. This email service was introduced as a free email subscription service that one could access from any computer across the world. As long as one had internet connection they could access Hotmail account from any computer’s web browser.

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