Old Vs New Hotmail Platform

Comparison between old Hotmail and new Hotmail

  • Security

In terms of safety Hotmail is not considered as a secured email application. In old version of Hotmail HTTP security was present only at login. In new Hotmail, HTTP is introduced in entire sessions. So now, Hotmail is safe from login to browse.


  • Easy doc management

Management or working on Office docs going to be easier with new Hotmail, going forward, all thanks to integration of SkyDrive with Hotmail. Now, all you need to do is email document on which you want to work for yourself. Now, the document can be opened anytime. Editing of the document or checking thing in its related tasks can be done easily with Office web app. Once the work is done, save the changes. And because the document is saved on SkyDrive, you can access it anytime and even share it with your colleagues or friends. It is same like working on Gmail and saving changes in the draft. But, the difference here is document does not require downloading. It can be edited without downloading it. Old Hotmail was lacking with this feature as it had not integration with SkyDrive.

  • Send large files and attachments

Unlike old Hotmail that restrict you from sending large files and attachment, new Hotmail gives you all the wings to do the task. Integration of SkyDrive with email, allows users to send attachments of up to 10 GB in the email. Size can be increased more by taking help of cloud service. The file will not be sent as a regular attachment but link of a file will be shared with the receiver. Furthermore, it is not at all mandatory for receiver that he or she should have an account on SkyDrive. They only need internet to open the link.

  • Easy send and view images

In the new Hotmail there is an option present at left sidebar “Photo”. Using this option user can attach a large number of pictures with email and share it with friends having a Windows Live ID and also with those who does not have a Windows Live ID. The receiver of the email can open these images clicking on the link and see it in the form of a slideshow. A person who has Windows Live ID can add comments on pictures and those who don’t have ID cannot do so.5

  • Filters in one click

Different categories have been introduced to the new version of Hotmail that old version lack of. These categories are “from contacts, social updates, from the group, everything else”. These categories make it easy to filter out email of contacts from all other emails present in inbox. This feature is present in Gmail with as well, but in different format. However, old Hotmail was completely lacking it.

  • Quick view

Another smart feature added in new Hotmail is quick view. Suppose you want to open an email that had pictures, just click on option “photo” present at the left hand panel. All emails having photos will be flashed in the front row and make your search work refined. Just like photo document option is also there in new Hotmail.

  • Active view

The active view feature in new Hotmail is another excitement to users. This lets users to view videos directly within the inbox. Unlike in old version of Hotmail where user had to leave inbox and go to the browser to check videos, new Hotmail offers video view within the inbox.


  • Chat

Just like Gmail Hangout feature, Hotmail new version has been updated with online chat feature. Here, user of Hotmail can do chat with their contact list live. Status of contact whether he/she is live or not is shown via color.

The version of Hotmail is exciting and has potential to withstand firmly against its competitor Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird and many more.

If you are Hotmail user and feeling unprivileged because of Microsoft’s outlook toward the domain, then here is the news that will cheer you. New changes have been done in Hotmail domain to bring it back to mainline of Microsoft web based email service.

Hotmail users can sign-in to new Outlook.com account to use all new features that have been introduced to Outlook.com. Within the process, no change will happen in account of the user. Everything will remain absolutely at the same place and position.

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