Benefits When Register In Hotmail Account


How to sign up for a Hotmail account? The process is an easy one. There are several added advantages as well for Hotmail account users on the new integrated domain. For that reason, if you wish to sign up for a new Hotmail account, the process to follow is listed below:

  • Visit the Outlook or Live domain page of Microsoft.
  • Here you will find the sign-in panel for all existing users of Microsoft services.


  • If you wish to create a new account, you will find the link to do the same below the login panel.
  • Visit the link provided which leads to a new account creation page.
  • Here you will find the first and last name fields to be entered.
  • The next fields pertain to username choice. You can also choose the domain of Hotmail to be part of your email address in this field.
  • Once your username is authenticated, you can then proceed to generate a password for your account. This needs to be of eight characters at least with alphanumeric combination.
  • When the password you choose is validated, you can then proceed to fill in the remaining fields. These pertain to birthday and gender details. The next fields will require you to enter an alternate email address as well as a valid phone number. These details pertain to the security of your account.

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Old Vs New Hotmail Platform

Comparison between old Hotmail and new Hotmail

  • Security

In terms of safety Hotmail is not considered as a secured email application. In old version of Hotmail HTTP security was present only at login. In new Hotmail, HTTP is introduced in entire sessions. So now, Hotmail is safe from login to browse.


  • Easy doc management

Management or working on Office docs going to be easier with new Hotmail, going forward, all thanks to integration of SkyDrive with Hotmail. Now, all you need to do is email document on which you want to work for yourself. Now, the document can be opened anytime. Editing of the document or checking thing in its related tasks can be done easily with Office web app. Once the work is done, save the changes. And because the document is saved on SkyDrive, you can access it anytime and even share it with your colleagues or friends. It is same like working on Gmail and saving changes in the draft. But, the difference here is document does not require downloading. It can be edited without downloading it. Old Hotmail was lacking with this feature as it had not integration with SkyDrive. Read More…